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The Symposium had its inception during the early 90’s with the call and mandate of God to bring the BREAKTHROUGH CRUSADES, Apostolic impartations and Prophetic release to Sneads, Florida. The breakthrough crusades were operating along with the Apostolic Ministry of URBAN ASSAULT MINISTRIES, INC. under the leadership of Pastor David Lawson and Elder Felisa McQueen-Lawson of Sneads, Florida.


The Breakthrough Crusades were conducted with Apostolic power and Apostolic anointing. Many were impacted and delivered by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The direction of the Breakthrough Crusades was expanded to the North Florida region. The open door was provided so that the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry of Apostle-Prophet Dr. C.B. McCloud could release a greater Apostolic impartation for today’s leaders.  


Dr. C.B. McCloud received the call and mandate of the Lord to stay in the region to impact, develop, train, and oversee leaders of change with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their communities. Dr. C.B. McCloud received revelation of the drastic need for spiritual changes to leadership paradigms is obvious. The environment and culture in which we are called to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ is rapidly changing. It is in this changing environment that a new dimension of leadership is desperately needed. It needs a leadership that cannot be dominated and fashioned by the environment.


These 21st century leaders must not be products of that environment but holy vessels made and fashioned by God’s grace and power. The Symposium is the direct fulfillment of (I Chronicles 12:32). Today’s leaders must read the times like the “SONS OF ISSACHAR” and apply the heavenly patterns without compromise, adopting strategies, methods, styles, and paradigms of thought patterns and attitudes that will prepare the church for the future. SYMPOSIUM 2022 continues the vision and purpose given by God to Dr. C.B. McCloud for North Florida.  

Symposium History
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Pastor C.B. McCloud was born and raised, the oldest of seven children, in Port St. Joe Florida to Mrs. Voncile McCloud. Pastor was raised up in his formative years in a primitive Baptist church.  Going to “church” was not an option in his family.  Pastor McCloud’s mother relocated to Titusville, Florida where he received strong biblical teaching on the word of God at Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Pastor received his call to the ministry at the age of 17 years and began to evangelize and build up eight churches that are still in operation.  Pastor McCloud was trained and mentored by three outstanding church leaders: Dr. Divelle Grooms, Dr. Tom E. Diamond, and Dr. Allen P. Weaver.  Pastor’s Aunt [Annie] made an impact on his life with her “Holiness living” and Holiness teaching.


On December 11, 1986, Pastor received a word of prophecy from Prophet Early Brown how God was going to bless him with a wife.  Pastor McCloud met First Lady Kathy in a Holy Ghost revival and on April 11, 1987, they were married.


Pastor McCloud received instructions from the Lord in 1987 about relocating to Rochester, New York to attend Colgate Rochester Theological Seminary. He graduated in 1990 with Master’s in Divinity. July 10, 2003 he received his Doctorate  College and Seminary in Tallahassee Florida.


In September 1995, the Lord spoke to Pastor McCloud about starting a ministry in Rochester.  On October 8, 1995, Pastor McCloud started Mt. Carmel Deliverance Center at 14 Weld Street, Rochester, New York.


Pastor operates under an Apostolic and Prophetic anointing traveling throughout the nation.  Pastor McCloud is the Superintendent of Western New York Jurisdiction One of District 3 under the leadership of Bishop James R. WRIGHT and OVERSEER, The Word Ministry Inc, Havana Florida, Kingdom Covenant Ministry inc, Thomasville, Georgia, Promise Land Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville Florida


The ministry is known for its prolific teaching and powerful preaching. The move of God is demonstrated with power and signs and wonders.

McCloud Bio
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